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Do y'all do custom characters?

Yes; that is, if the application is good enough.

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If members don’t reblog this within two weeks, their roles will be vacated.

Under new management.

Well, as I explained before, the RP’s under new management. Even though we’re long passed the deadline, which just goes to show how truly lazy I am.

I’ve sent the Username and Password to the person I’ve decided to pass this blog on to.

Farewell, my dear Roleplayers, I’m afraid I won’t be coming back. But the RP will continue.

answered 1 year ago on 29 April 2013  

do you have a minimum age?

Uhh. No, no minimum age.

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Yeah… Turning over the RP.


  1. I have no idea how this system works.
  2. I’m lazy.
  3. …. That’s it.

 So, I’m repeating the actions of the last owner. I’m shutting down this RP Blog in 3 days. If anyone wants to take over, I’d more then happily hand it over.

I’m sorry i failed…

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I’ll be closing this rp on the 18th of January.

so if anybody wants the admin blog to run the rp just send us a message.  It can’t be on anon, sorry - Pascal

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Sooo…I’m considering closing this rp… >.>

Cause Meeko and I don’t really have the time to admin it and post and stuff, and not a lot of people are very active so I feel like it’s just taking up space it doesn’t need to on the internet…and well it feels kind of silly to leave open a blog no one is using.  Especially an rp blog because it takes up urls that other people could use :)

But anyways;

If someone else wants admin rights, I can give them the email and stuff to have and they will have full control over everything…If anyone even loves this enough.  lol ~Pascal

answered 1 year ago on 10 December 2012  

You should get more affiliates- this RP need people :c


Well we’ve got about 13 which isn’t many but its awesome cause I never thought we’d get that many people :3

Buuuttt I also haven’t been working on promos or characters in a little while >.> so the lack there of people might be my fault as well ^^; ~ The Lazy Pascal

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Meeko and I are going to be gone this weekend with no internet access, so if we get any apps they will have to be taken care of then :) sorry ;.; ~Pascal